A new addition to the Skate Pharm family

We are happy to announce that James Bush now rides for Skate Pharm. A week or so before he was set to come down and film his welcome edit, James broke a bone in his foot putting him out of action for the foreseeable future. So to announce James to the team we were lucky enough to get a clip from Get Lesta’s Cullun Loomes and this little interview. Welcome edit not coming soon…

SP: Let’s deal with basics first: full name, age, sponsors etc

JB: James Bush, 21 years young, I ride for Fabric skateboards, DC shoes and now Skate Pharm.

SP: How do you feel about Skate Pharm and what made you want to ride for us?

JB: Fully hyped to ride for Skate Pharm man, I guess first thing that influenced my decision was Charlie and Kris as they’re both good pals of mine. Also a lot of the team are people I’ve looked up to since I was a young’un (obviously not gunna name drop haha)

SP: So you joined the team and then promptly broke your foot the week before filming your welcome edit, can you see the irony in that?

JB: Haha so funny, I was sat in hospital with a bomber jacket with crutches printed on it, plaster on my foot and crutches in my hand hahaha

SP: How long till you’re back on a board then?

JB: Shit, doctors saying 3 months rough estimate as I actually shattered my met, hopefully that was a mild exaggeration but I can see where that’s coming from.

SP: You also have a bit of a rep as quite a jazzy dancer, are you missing the dancefloor as much as your skateboard?

JB: Hahaha yeh for sure, I smash the dance floor, ask anyone. I still got my upper so I could drop into some body popping without warning.

SP: Do you have any trademark moves and if so do they have names?

JB: I don’t like to think I even have moves man, I hear music and it just vibrates through me creating weird and sometimes disturbing visuals.

SP: And finally have you ever used your surname as part of a chat up line like “James Bush is my name and getting knee deep in your bush is my aim”, just a thought like, it could work!

JB: And nah I don’t use lines, I generally just buy a girl a beer then they go and hook up with someone else

SP: Ha sorry to hear that! And thanks, we’re looking to forward to getting that welcome clip done.

Now check out James’ G-Sides from Get3 from Get Lesta