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Adidas Skateboarding are a fairly recent entry into the world of skateboarding shoes but they came into the market with over 60 years of shoe manufacturing knowledge.  With the addition of some of the biggest names in the business they have carved out a solid following and have collaborated with Cliche Skateboards, Krux Trucks and Palace Skateboards along the way.

Professional Team

Mark Gonzales
Dennis Busenitz
Silas Baxter-Neal
Pete Eldridge
Benny Fairfax
Lucas Puig
Rodrigo Tx
Jake Donnelly
Nester Judkins
Mark Suciu

Amateur Team

Krisjanis Kalvans
Lem Villemin
Vince Del Valle
Alec Majerus
The “International” team consists of Chewy Cannon, Dennis Durrant, Klaus Bohms, Raul Navarro, Petr Horvat, Kevin Lowry, and Günes Özdogan.

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