Animal Chin 30th Anniversary

30 years ago, Powell Peralta released their 4th video Animal Chin. It would go on to become one of the most influential skate videos of it’s era. Whilst some would say it ’starred’ the Bones Brigade, the real star of the show was the final session on the most unbelievable vert ramp anyone had ever seen at the time.

The ramp was only there for a matter of days and was only ever skated by the Bones Brigade. Then it was gone, but gained the mythical status as Stacy Peralta had probably hoped.

Animal Chin – 30 Years Later

In a move that will bring a tear to many a 40 something year old’s eye, Tony Hawk facilitated the building of a replica to be sited permanently at Woodward skate camp. Furthermore, he got the original members together to reshoot the iconic invert picture once again taken by Grant Brittain.

If you don’t know the original film you really should learn some history and watch here:

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