Baghead Kills 2 Review

Baghead Kills 2 Review by Rohum Pourtamahsbi

Saturday night saw the release of Forde Brookfield’s latest video Baghead Kills 2 and boy did it go off!

With the amount of independently made videos being released lately, it’s extremely satisfying to watch how diverse one another set themselves apart. Forde’s videos, which can only be paired next to ‘Get Lesta’ given their home of origin, Leicester, truly stand out and help push the scene in the Midlands in a unique way.

While Get Lesta have grown into undoubtedly the biggest conversation of the UK skateboarding scene, Baghead Kills 2 will safely remind you that regardless of your popularity, your mates and a camera will always help to create something fun and enjoyable for the world to see because you genuinely enjoy it. That’s how anything becomes popular and that’s exactly what path these boys are on!

Baghead Kills 2 Inspiration

The video has taken some inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s critically acclaimed feature film ‘A Clockwork Orange’ for its artwork direction which already puts it in our good books! With each section we are presented with more unique title sequences and artwork which helps differentiate the riders, as you’d expect from any video – However, all seem to hold a story relevant to say skateboarder which makes it feel more personal. This is something which has become less and less practiced in skate videos which is why we’re glad Forde has helped to push for a more creative, personalised touch.


Onto the skateboarding anyway, right? It’s safe to say that besides what we’ve already said about how fun this video is, the skateboarding presented is also a true reflection of this. Though it may not be Paul Rodriguez doing a Switch 360 Flip down Santa Monica Triple (If you’re into that), but the style of skateboarding varies from a nice range of technical, transitional and your typical modern day quirkiness (Which admittedly we really, really like) styles! There’s a serious amount of heavy bangers thrown down throughout the video too and often left the audience in amazement. That ender sure did leave everybody in awe…

All in all the premiere turned out great, lots of people showed up which was amazing to see and Forde delivered an outstanding video which will hold up as one of the UK’s best independent videos of the year! Or at least we consider it to be… If you haven’t already, track yourself down a copy.

*Best viewed with some mates and a beer.

*May cause you to get hyped for a skate and try Backside Heel flip Nose blunts…

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