Brand Spotlight – Anti Hero

Brand Spotlight Anti Hero

Ed Dickfingers briefs you on SF’s finest.

Coming out of Deluxe Distribution in the mid 90’s and spearheaded by Julian Stranger, AntiHero Skateboards are known for their gnarly team, balls out videos and skaterat attitude, taking the road less travelled and tearing the arse out of some of the most haggard spots around for the last 20 years.

The team members include almost all of your favourite skater’s favourite skaters from John Cardiel, TNT and Peter Hewitt to the latest breed of savage ATV’s like Grant Taylor and Raney Beres.

Spotlight Anti Hero Skateboards

John Cardiel, TNT & Peter Hewitt from Anti Hero Skateboards

Tongue in cheek graphics, top quality hardware and videos that stay on repeat in skate shops the world over, Anti Hero represent everything that skateboarding is about.

Check out some of their videos:


Cash Money Vagrant

… and the latest – Destination Unknown

Follow the link to see all Anti Hero products here.