Buster Halterman – Video Part

Buster Halterman – Now’n’Later

One of my all time favourite skate video parts is Buster Halterman in Now’N’Later which made me come up with this idea of getting the team riders to write about their favourite or most influential video part. Basically, I thought it might be a good idea if I took the plunge and did one first.

I didn’t have to think long about this, this is probably the section I watched most at this stage of my life and it still brings a smile to my face. I was skating most days around my Uni course, mostly at Leigh on Sea I would imagine (although I think Ewer Street skatepark was also about then).

Around this time skating was changing really quickly, almost by the day, street skating was really becoming the driving force of the industry and a lot of the vert guys were starting to look outdated and past it. However Buster Halterman along with a handful of guys like Neal Hendrix and Mike Frasier were changing vert skating more to reflect the way street skating was going. Vert skating became more about lip tricks and technical stuff rather than just blasting huge airs. I guess Tony Hawk had been doing it for a while but he’d never really managed to make it look appealing to me. Buster did that stuff with style too and mixed up the old and the new seamlessly.

I was sold, this was how I wanted to skate at least for that year (obviously I failed miserably). I think the tune helped a lot too, it’s pretty hype even now. Operation Ivy – Unity. Watch, enjoy, maybe go learn a new old trick as a result!


For your info Buster Halterman went on from pro skateboarding to form Buster Bio Fuels a company way ahead of its time!

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