DGK Skateboards

DGK Skateboards is Dirty Ghetto Kids the current home of the legendary Stevie Williams and part of the Kayo Corp. (Also including Gold Wheels, Expedition 1 and Organika). It is co-owned by Stevie Williams and Troy Morgan, the team currently includes Stevie, Jack Curtin, Josh Kalis, Wade Desarmo, Rodrigo TX, Boo Johnson and Marquise Herny. The brand has a strong leaning towards the hip-hop aeshetic and strongly reflects Stevies influence, all the usual stuff is there: bling, weed, money, women!

In 2012 DGK ran a “Free Fabes” Campaign to help raise fund to cover legal fees for ex Menace skateboards pro Fabian Alomar who was arrested for drug possesion and faced a long prison spell. As part of the campaign an unseen Fabian Alomar video section was released online.

DGK have released numerous videos over the years with ‘Parental Advisory’ from 2012 being their most acclaimed which was followed up by ‘Blood Money’ in 2014.