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Element was founded in 1992 by Johnny Schilleref. Originally called Underworld Element the company featured a heavy team of newly emerging street rippers including OG London ruler Curtis McCann. The graphics were heavily influenced by street art and hip hop which were also emerging as strong counter cultures at the time and the crossover into skateboarding was inevitable. Element later dropped the ‘Underworld’ from their name and gradually morphed into the earth loving semi outdoor brand it is today, kind of a skateboarders Timberland! In a way they were years ahead of their time foreseeing the transformation of skateboarding into a form of ‘lifestyle’.

Despite having a huge crossover into the mainstream and having their own stores in many major cities Element have never turned their back on skateboarding. The Element team still includes legends like Ray Barbee, Chad Muska and Bam Margera alongside current big names Nyjah Huston, Mark Appleyard, Brandon Westgate and Greyson Fletcher as well as young gun X-Games gold medallist Tom Scheer.

They also maintain a healthy European team including Madars Apse, Jarne Verbruggen, Nassim Guammaz, Phil Zwijsen and Skate Pharm team rider Ross McGouran.

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