Fallen Footwear

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Fallen Footwear

Fallen Footwear was launched in 2003 by business mogul and pro skateboarder Jamie Thomas (Who also owned Zero Skateboards and Black Box Distribution). At first they were produced under licence by DC shoes but when DC was sold to Quiksilver the deal ended and Black Box took over. The brand now comes under the Dwindle umbrella (Cliche, Blind, Almost, Enjoi etc).

In 2008, Fallen released the video titled “Ride the Sky”. The video stars Jamie Thomas, Billy Marks, Brian Hansen, Chris Cole (who recently left to ride for DC), Gilbert Crockett, James Hardy, Josh Harmony, Matt Bennett, Tommy Sandoval and Tony Cervantes.

The current pro team consists of Jamie Thomas, Brian “Slash” Hansen, Dane Burman, Tommy Sandoval, Tony Cervantes and Jon Dickson. They recently released the skate documentary “Road Less Travelled”

The Fallen Footwear range includes some constant classics such as “The Forte” and the “The Patriot” as well as pro shoes including Jamie Thomas Pro “Chief” model and the Tommy Sandoval “Roots” model.