Fancy Lad FL3 Video Review

Fancy Lad FL3 Review by Rohum Pourtahmsabi

Have you ever watched a skate video on drugs? Some would say it can improve your viewing experience, however we would suggest watching ‘Fancy Lad’s’ latest video, ‘FL3’ instead.

Just imagine a team of skateboarders who don’t give a fuck, did it their own way and made it work. It’s extremely hard to do something different in this industry, especially when it’s not considered ‘cool’, but there’s no denying that regardless of how diverse the skateboarders in this video are from your ‘Street League’ athletes, they can shred, hard! Not only does their creativity help identify their individuality, their personality influences the theme throughout the video and is portrayed through cut aways taken from both experimental and classic films.

You may also notice their clothing differentiates itself from your over popular ‘Supreme’ wardrobe and instead have decided to bring the 80’s back. We’re not sure whether it’s a look that will make a comeback, but it’s worth a try. Enough of us anyway, put the weed down and watch the video below. We promise you it’ll be the best trip you experience, we’re still recovering!

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