Fast Skateboard Wheels – Skate Pharm Product Test

First of a new series of product reviews coming from Skate Pharm. Thanks to Fast Skateboard Wheel Company for sending these logo 52mm, 83B wheels. Shop worker, jive talker and local rider Kane McArthur put them to good use in The Surgery.

“Fast Skateboard Wheel Company were nice enough to send the shop a couple of sets of wheels for the staff to try out. I gave them a bust and discovered that considering they’re nearly £10 cheaper than Spitfire Formula 4’s (£27.99) they were a really solid wheel. They were harder than a mother f*cker! They are just a little more slidier than I’m used to and in the words of Skeppy “That’s not me”. I’m talking slidier than walking in the club and drowning in poom! But if your a trendy hipster that’s into doing power slides and all that type of shit, then these are the wheels for you son! They are pearly white, well priced, hard and comparable with other of the other top wheel companies on all levels. So Fast Wheels, I now fuck with ya!” – Kane

So yeah, what’s Kane’s trying to get over here is that these are some good wheels, rock hard, super fast and a really good price. Their team includes Barney Page and Albert Nyberg which should tell you something for starters. The wheels feature their sick greyhound logo and minimal graphics which we’re big fans of and the attention to detail with the rad packaging is notable.  Fast Wheels is a newish skater owned brand with a solid following and it probably deserves your support too.

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