Get Lesta – Get 420 Premiere

Pictured: The man of the hour Callun Loomes and a friendly visit from Kelley Dawson at the Get 420 Premiere.

After 2 years of abusive WhatsApp messaging, filming and dealing with Bushy, Callun Loomes has finally released Get 420! Despite having put our team riders in the hospital more than once, everything Get Lesta stands for represents UK skateboarding at its finest. No bullshit, just skateboarding. Anybody can see that, just look at what they’ve achieved this year alone with collaborations including Primitive Skateboards and Footprint Insoles.

Of course we have all been looking forward to see what the crew have been up to over the years, especially after the major success of ‘Get 3’.

Two very handsome men posing in a handsome manner - Kris and his mate.Pictured above: Two very handsome men posing in a handsome manner – Kris and Forde at the Get 420 Premiere.

Did any of you know that Callun didn’t actually want to call this video Get 420? Pretty unavoidable but nonetheless, it works! The video starts with none other than Kris Vile (Solid choice there Cal) and let us say that it will blow your tits off. If you caught the Dwindle Tour video that was released a few months ago (Watch here) then you’ll understand just how productive Kris can be within a short amount of time, but give him 2 years and you have a phenomenal piece of work that truly stands out from your presumed standard of UK skateboarding when compared to the likes of the US. Absolute beast!

Rianne EvansPictured above: Rianne Evans at the Get 420 Premiere..

Moving on through some solid hammer sections and we find ourselves at the girls section and let us just say that this (To our knowledge) has never been done before. How amazing is it that we can now watch girls skate in a video alongside some of our favourites? Zeta, Rianne and to the rest of Girl Skate UK – You smashed it!

Toby, Harley, our boy Charlie and his lovely girlfriend Jess.Pictured above: Toby, Harley, our boy Charlie and his lovely girlfriend Jess at the Get 420 Premiere..

We don’t want you to feel like we’re just skipping over some truly amazing sections from the likes of Lucas Healey, Will Golding or Mark Stern etc, it’s just this video is really worth watching without having too many spoilers. You should really just buy the video right after reading this! Anyway, our boys managed to score the enders! Both Charlie Munro and James Bush have once again come through with some truly epic video parts that make it hard for us to believe their names aren’t on a board yet. Mind you, we suspect Bushy will probably have some kind of ‘Hornz’ graphic on his – #Hornz4Lyf yo.

#HornzKrew Bushy and co.Pictured above: #HornzKrew Bushy at the Get 420 Premiere.

As James shut the video down with a completely mind blowing hammer, the audience were left to celebrate an instant classic in the best possible way – Drink! All in all it was a fantastic night and it’s safe to say Callun has truly outdone himself with this one. Please, please, please do the right thing and help support this amazing crew for all of their hard work – This is the epitome of UK skateboarding and should be given the recognition it deserves!

You can buy the video from our store right here.

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