Helas Brand Overview

Helas Brand Overview by Ed Dickfingers

Founded in early 2011 by everyone’s favourite quick-footed Frenchman, the Helas brand is the brain child of Cliché and Adidas powerhouse Lucas Puig producing a wide range of top end headwear and clothing with Euro flair.

Originally releasing just caps, Helas quickly gained momentum with clean simple designs mixed with a definite athletic influence, a wealth of 5 panel caps and a heavy team of supporters including Skate Pharm team rider Shaun Currie.

Helas Polo Club

Drawing from the combined influences of football, streetwear and skateboarding, Helas has turned out some pretty rad gear that breaks the mould of what a skate clothing company “should do” making things like football shorts and joggers just because they can. Thinking a bit differently and constantly keeping the quality up is what’s helped them go from underground secret to the brand of choice with everyone from Jesus Fernandez to Chewy Cannon seen repping Helas gear in the mags and videos.

As well as offering a full range of caps, bucket hats and beanies to keep your head warm, Helas also do a full run of print tees as well as long sleeves, polos and jackets. Check out the full range here.