Helas Clothing


Helas is predominantly a headwear brand launched by Cliche/Adidas pro and Toulouse resident Lucas Puig in 2011. Puig started the company with a close friend to produce goods primarily for them and their homies. The range has gradually expanded to include apparel such as: shorts, trousers, t-shirt, polo shirts and accessories.

Minimal logos/graphics, super clean colours and each range is seasonal and unique whilst at the same time featuring versions of the products you’ve come expect from the brand, namely: buckets hats, 5-panels and beanies. Overall, the brand has a strong European sportswear feel to it with influences being taken from polo, tennis and football among others.

The ‘homies’ have also expanded and the team list now includes Youness Amrani, Flo Mirtain, Lucian Clarke, Jake Donnelly, Chewy Cannon, Benny Fairfax as well as videographer Anthony Claravall.


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