Lucy Adams Interview

Lucy Adams Interview

Last week Lovenskate uploaded all of last years Smorgasbord DVD to their Youtube channel, we hit Skate Pharm Team rider Lucy Adams with a few quick questions about the filming on the Dvd and what it meant to her:

What’s your favourite memory or story associated from filming this section?

There were quite a few tricks in there that I never thought I’d be able to do at the spots which really surprised me… for example, the switch backside flip over the hip in MK was a bit of a shock! I was just messing about with it really to stay in the game because Josie was still trying to get her trick and I’d already done the FS halfcab flip. I got quite close after a couple and then as usual it started to turn into a battle. Everyone was pretty bored of being there and so I called ‘last one’ and it just happened! So that was quite a good memory!

And the worst? any horrendous slams?

Well the worst was actually not caught on film… I was at the bank spot which I shot the switch heel for my ender. I went there to shoot a photo with Sam Roberts for my Lovenskate Ad which was actually a fakie or switch fence jam. I totally claimed it but then when I got there I started shitting myself thinking it wasn’t possible. I managed to ride a couple out and we shot the photo…but it was on film so Sam wanted to make sure we got a good one and asked for one more. I literally slammed it so hard from like 6ft up on that fence straight to the floor. I was gutted because although we got the photo we hadn’t filmed it and I wanted it for my ender but i was broken. So….I went back a while later with Andy Evans with the sole purpose of facing my fears and trying it again but they’d constructed a steel fence all the way along the bottom of the bank. The most over the top case of skate stopping i’d ever seen and resulted in the trick never being done again!

I know you skate loads but is having to film extra motivation to skate or can it be a weight round your neck at times?

I really like filming! It gets me way more hyped and pushes me to do things I wouldn’t even think about. It also feels so much more productive, knowing that as well as having accomplished the trick or line or whatever, you’ve also got the footage to back it up.

Do you feel it’s different having a section in a video where you know you’re going to be the only girl compared to it being an all girl production? I mean I know it shouldn’t but currently with female skateboarding often being segregated in terms of comps, events and videos you must be at least aware of it?

I know what you mean. Yes, I would say I was pretty conscious that I wanted to only have stuff that I was really proud of for me because obviously the guys on the team would have killer stuff. I didn’t care if I only had several tricks as long as they were good for me…Like I didn’t want to put together a full section is loads of it was filler / standard manouvres that I do all the time. It’s hard because I’m not gonna be the one with the gnarliest trick or hardest line but if its the best I can do and it gets some people stoked then I’m happy with it.

When you finally saw your section, were you still excited by it, sad it’s over or is there a bit of a feeling to be just glad that it’s done in a way?

Well, I pretty much submitted all the footage to Stu so I knew roughly what there was but I didn’t know the tune or the order so it was pretty exciting to see what he’d done with it. I was kind of glad when it was done because I was also filming for my ‘Days Like These’ section so I was splitting a lot of the footage between projects and it was good to end one and be able to concentrate on another. I really love the way the whole LNS vid turned out though and feel stoked that I managed to skate street through it all

What are you filming for next and are you looking forward to it?

At the moment I’m trying to get a couple of tricks for Andy Evans new video! We filmed a few bits at the end of the summer but he kindly let me use them for my ‘Days Like These’ section so I’m back down to nothing for his Vid… I’ve got a couple of ideas for tricks and lines, I just need a dry Saturday and someone to look after my dog for a few hours!

So my final question is completely off point, how stoked were you on your recent Insta shout from your boy Josh Kalis!?

Pretty stoked to say the least! Kalis is the realest. His skating is the dopest and I respect the way he’s honest and open in his opinions. His original shoe is up there in my top 3 ever – especially in the all red colour way!

Cheers Lucy, thanks for your time.

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