Lucy Adams

Full name: Lucy Adams
Age: 31
Years Skating:17
Sponsors: Lovenskate, Skate Pharm, Bones Wheels and Thunder Trucks flow, Thrashion
Fav. Trick: Sal Flip
Fav. Terrain: I will skate it all!
Fav. Music: Radio is best. Mellow Magic or anything that I can sing along to. Taylor Swift is a current fave.
Fav. Food: Toast with Marmite or a Curry.
Fav. Beverage: Coke, full fat, the real thing.
Fav. Skaters: Trevor Wedd, Elissa Steamer, Josie Millard, Ronnie Creager and Josh Kalis.
Fav. Skate vid: Fulfill the Dream
Fav. Non skate pass time: Dog Walking

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