Now selling batteries at Skate Pharm… Oh wait they’re wheels

There comes a time in any skateboarders year when they say farewell to their beloved urethane and hello to some hot new bearing covers.

Now… I hate change when it comes to trucks and wheels, and I’m pretty sure a lot of you are on board with me on this one. Breaking in new trucks is usually hell and lets face it you’re leaping into the unknown by copping a set of new wheels that will stay sat on said trucks for the next few months. Unless you’ve actually got the cash flow to support changing your skateboard accessories every day, then buying them is a fair commitment as they’re guaranteed to surpass your planks life by a long way. One thing I was super worried about was how hard they were going to be and also what size to get, to be completely honest that’s a personal preference so do your own thing there. I grew up in a time where small wheels were cool wheels and I still don’t think I’ll ever be able to be comfortable with more than 54mm worth of urethane.
Anyway, I recently invested in some Spitfire Formula 4’s that are a like a creation of the Gods… seriously… When I first blessed my trucks and skateboard with this gift from the pharmacy it felt like I was riding a wave of goodness, it suddenly increased my ability to do more power slides than any trend chaser could dream of performing and everyone knows power slides are so hot right now.
Just when you thought I was about to jump of Spitfires D, they’ve dropped the most suitably packaged product in the industry. Now everyone loves Dennis Busenitz, (no matter how confused about pronouncing his last name you are) he skates fast and is a masters of charging. Now if you are looking for something to pester your parents for this festive season, it’d be these. I mean just look at the genius behind the packaging, that alone makes me want to spend my money on them. Click here to check them out for yourself.
Having seen these grace the pharmacy’s website today, I thought it was only appropriate to youtube Busenitz and watch some of his footage. Here he is being good at skateboarding in Thrashers double rock skate park… enjoy