Perus Skateboards

Perus Skateboards

Perus Skateboards History

About 10 years ago when we were little brats trying to learn how to skate everything was perus (meaning “basic” in English). Perus was just a word we would add before other words when speaking, it was what we would draw and write on your notebooks in school. everything was just basic, i don’t know why exactly, but that was just our word/thing. We were always into filming and we would make basic flicks with basic tricks in them. At some point my buddy Risto came up and said: ‘hey, how about Perus team?’

Then it was on, I guess.‚  Over the years the team (later named crew) has changed depending on the people who were skating around us, it was never too serious or official in any way.‚  As time passed we learned some things here and there and some of us got quite good at skateboarding. So in 2008 with the help from few people in the industry, some money, loving friends, families and faith we finally made Perus into a legit and official skateboard company to support our talented and loved ones!

Pirkka Pollari / 2010

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