Polar Skateboards I like it here inside my mind

Polar Skateboards I like it here inside my mind

(don’t wake me this time)

Last Saturday were lucky enough to attend the UK premiere of what is undoubtedly the most anticipated skate video of 2016 – the snappily titled ‘I like it here inside my mind, don’t wake me this time’ by Polar Skateboards.

Pontus is no stranger to making skate films and if you’ve seen them you’ll have some idea of what you’re in for. As you might expect the whole thing has a very 90’s influenced vibe to it, it feels familiar without feeling like you’ve seen it all before. Visually it reminded me of Alien Workshops Mindfield which is a good thing too because that’s a great video, there’s plenty of nods in there to other classics to keep the video nerds happy.

I don’t really need to go on about the actual skating, obviously it’s good, really good, but the last trick may hurt your brain for a few days after. I really wouldn’t want to see the slams that went it to laying it though. If you’re tired of over technical skateboarding or just ‘hammers’ this is the antidote! There’s a lot of just really solid proper skateboarding, just good tricks done really well, enough much about stuff to entertain without being annoying.And of course there’s a lot of really creative stuff in there as you’d expect. Loads of interesting spots, a good mix of tranny as well as street and of course plenty of DIY creations.

To sum up: The influence of this video on skateboarding is likely to be immense. We basically now know what skateboarding is going to look like of the next year at least! Overall, a massive thumbs up. If you’re a skateboarder and you don’t enjoy this film there’s something wrong with you!

Massive props to Pontus and the crew for putting together what is sure to be regarded as a classic.