Pro Spotlight – Harry Lintell

Pro Spotlight – Harry Lintell

If you haven’t already seen this Harry Lintell clip you’ve had your head in the sand, it’s been up on Thrasher, The Berrics and pretty much everywhere else.

But this post isn’t just about that! What you may not know is that Harry is from Kent, Ashford to be precise. He’s easily the most internationally recognised skater out of Kent since Danny Webster who was pro for G&S in the 80’s and beat Tony Hawk in the odd comp.

What makes Harrys story interesting is how he got to where he is now. Ashford is a town with no indoor skatepark and not even a huge skate scene, they have an alright outdoor park and I’m assuming a normal amount of alright street spots. Put it this way, without disrespecting Ashford and it’s skaters, I’ve never heard it described as the new Barca!

Harry first came on the industry radar when he won a DVS sponsor me comp by uploading a section online. Via a few twists and turns he now rides for Real (direct from the States), Volcom, Converse and The Black Sheep (had we been around longer he would be riding for us the bastard!). I guess most people really witnessed Harrys ability when he smashed the Converse Big Push in 2011. Even at this point he was still working in McDonalds to get by and keep skating.

Since then it’s been a steady onslaught of edits, photos and coverage including his standout section in the Sidewalk video ‘In Progress’

In Progress: Part 13 – Harry Lintell. a
Skateboarding video by Sidewalk

Maybe one day he’ll even be able to afford to sort his tooth out! The point of this is that Harry got where he is not because he had an amazing local park or because he kissed industry ass, he got there because he has pure natural talent. In a way it’s proof that if you have the ability and attitude to be a pro skater skateboarding will find you and you don’t need to be begging for sponsors on Instagram! Consider this your lesson for the day and get out skating.