Pro Spotlight – Jake Donnelly

Pro Spotlight – Jake Donnelly by Rohum Pourtahmasbi

For this week’s ‘Pro Spotlight’, we have decided to focus on the extremely talented yet surprisingly underrated, Jake Donnelly. A few of you may have known Jake since his early days on Deluxe, whether it was the odd cameo in a ‘DLXSF’ Podcast or photo in Thrasher Magazine, Jake has certainly built a solid archive of coverage and grown up amongst some of the best skateboarders in the world.

Of course his build up of sponsors through Deluxe would inevitably introduce him to the public as an Amateur skateboarder for Real Skateboards, Thunder Trucks and Spitfire Wheels, however Jake also went on to earn himself a full sponsorship with Adidas and Quiksilver Clothing. This would lead to more interest in Jake’s skateboarding, however as humble as he is, Jake remained stricken from the lime light and focused on what got him there in the first place: skateboarding.

As the internet began to take over media coverage in skateboarding, footage of Jake started to appear more frequently and the anticipation for Donnelly’s part in Real Skateboards video, ‘Since Day One’ began to escalate. As expected, Jake’s debut part for ‘Since Day One’ created a shockwave through our community and gave him the credibility he deserved. Since then it’s been a steady ride for Jake as he continues to do what he always does.

In 2013 Real Skateboards turned him Pro by surprising Jake with his first board at Stoner Plaza, Los Angeles where the team threw down for a demo and would eventually sabotage Jake with a shit ton of pie, classic. Now it looks as though Jake has been filming a lot more for upcoming parts and appearing on countless internet videos. So while we wait for his part in the new Adidas video to drop, we figured we’d treat you with some of our favourite video parts from Jake – also known as ‘Chaw Naawwst’, according to Cory Kennedy anyway. Enjoy!

So like, you’re probably wondering what Jakes all about right? What does this guy eat? What does he wear? Does he smoke weed? How much does he smoke? Do you think I should too because Jake does? If so, check out this day in the life with Jake from way back in the day.

Naturally we would show you Jake’s part from ‘Since Day One’, but thankfully no one has ripped Real off and uploaded online which means you’re gonna have to ask us to order you one or you’re gonna have to buy it off iTunes, nice! Alternatively, here’s a remix part.

What we love about these Real ‘Pushing’ video’s was that each team member went back home to skate in the streets and push the area itself. Jake went back home to Buffalo, New York and released this insane 3 minute edit which honestly he may as well have saved and put into a full length part because some of the shit he does is just silly!

Finally, something a lot more recent from Jake and you know what we just can’t get our head around this guys pop! What the fuck does he eat or drink that lets him do that? Did Alex Chalmers tell him something he didn’t tell others? Is it an East Coast thing? Is it because the lyrics in the song used in the edit “Bounce” genuinely help him bounce off the floor? We just don’t know and frankly we’re fed up, skateboarding is ridiculous. Here’s Jake Donnelly’s ‘Buffalo’s Finest’ part.