Pro Spotlight – Lucas Puig

Pro Spotlight – Lucas Puig by Rohum Pourtahmasbi

lucas puig

As we just received the ‘Polo Club’ collection from Helas Clothing, we thought it’d be appropriate to talk about the man behind it all: Lucas Puig. There are many ways you could describe Lucas, but you’ll wear yourself out doing so. Lucas has been around a long time but his part in Lakai Limited Footwear’s video ‘Fully Flared’ really propelled him into the worldwide limelight. Since then he has been featured in magazines all over the world, released mind blowing video parts and moved to Adidas Skateboarding who would give Lucas his very own shoe. It doesn’t end there however, Lucas has proved to be an Instagram sensation by releasing the odd video here and there of a trick you’ll spend months trying to figure out, some skateboarders just aren’t fair! So without further ado, we have decided to list some of our favourite moments from our ‘French Connection’, the tech wizard himself, Lucas Puig!

Well, we can’t really start without choosing the most obvious yet completely relevant video part from Lakai Limited Footwear’s ‘Fully Flared’! Lets not forget how young Lucas was when he began filming for his section… Point me in the direction of any 16 year old skateboarder who can do the most technically innovative tricks this generation has ever seen!

This next video part came out in 2013 from Adidas Skateboarding in conjunction with Transworld Skateboarding as an introduction to the team and we have to say this is probably our favourite video part from Lucas yet!

Finally, some more recent footage from Lucas from his shared part with Stephen Khou in ‘Something Sinister’, presented by Transworld Skateboarding. Well, what more can be said other than French hip hop and ridiculous skateboarding? Just standard merkage!


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