Sam Murgatroyd Best of 2015

Sam Murgatroyd Best of 2015

Sam’s been suffering with a niggling knee injury for most of last year but that didn’t really slow him down – he won the NASS shop battle alongside John Howlett, got sponsored by DC and was on a constant travelling and filming hype! Enjoy the Sam Murgatroyd Best of 2015!

Best video: The Sour Solution
Best section: 1947 Miles Silvas
Best skater: Ishod
Best event attended: Buzy jam with the homies
Best spot skated: New parallel ride on grinds
Best trip been on: Taco Bell with Zorlac (will always take top spot)
Best tune: Earthen Gate-Fuzz
Best film: What we do in the shadows
Best party/night out: Magic roundabout BCN
Best memory: Mike Simons rapping about his lack of dad (blind drunk obviously)

The Sour Solution video

The Sour Solution by Lomar from Sour Skateboards on Vimeo.

1947 Miles Silvas section