Bones Swiss Labyrinth 2 Bearings


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The Bones Swiss Labyrinth 2 Bearings have a new redesigned Nylon ball cage and 2 removable Labyrinth shields. The Labyrinth 2 shields are non contact so they don’t increase friction and keep the dirt well and truely out of the ball bearings. A bearing that’s super fast and requires less cleaning, the Labyrinth 2’s are pre-lubed with Bones speed cream.

Bones Swiss Labyrinth 2 Bearings Feature :

Bones Swiss Labyrinth 2 Bearings
Bones Swiss Precision Labyrinth 2 Competition Skateboard Bearings
Engineered For Skateboarding, Skate Rated Not Abec Rated
Removable High Speed Nylon Ball Cage
2 Removable Non-Contact Labryinth Shields
The Pro’s Choice

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