Skate Pharm Wins NASS Shop Battle

Skate Pharm Win NASS Shop Battle

Team Riders Sam Murgatroyd and John Howlett represented Skate Pharm at this years first ever NASS shop battle held as part of the festival.

From a field of 22 shops it went down to a three team final with Skate Pharm alongside Rollersnakes Kelley Dawson and Ryan Price and Blacksheeps Eddie Belvedere and Rob Smith. It was a five minute jam format with all 3 teams skating at once. Unfortunately for Kelley and Ryan they came off a lot leaving it a two horse race between Skate Pharm and Blacksheep. John and Sam concentrated on the ‘street’ part of the course with John going over the bump to bar to back tail and back smith, two of the best tricks done all weekend.

There wasn’t much between the two teams a usual but in the dying minute Rob Smith went for the ‘boom or bust’ approach and chucked himself off the balcony into a quarter. During NASS Shop Battle, when you roll the dice you pay the price and this time it ended in a trip to the medics (although it could have been much worse).

So yeah it was sick, the boys won a grand for their troubles and once again Skate Pharm reigned supreme!

See you at NASS Shop Battle next year….