Skateboarding in Madrid – A Skate Pharm City Skateboarding Guide

Skateboarding in Madrid

For part 2 of our City Skateboarding Guides we hit up Spanish Vans Team Manager and thoroughly good bloke Danny Lozano for advice on taking a trip to his hometown of Madrid. We’ve got all the important things covered – Skateboarding in Madrid, Food and Partying!  Madrid is rad, get that Easyjet flight booked!


A couple of long ledges at different heights in the dead center of madrid. There are always cops there. No worries though as they let you skate anyway.

Plaza de San Fernando

Banks, gaps, planters, perfect floor, wallies, great place. Hard to leave there without any footy.

Hubba Universidad

This one’s a banger of a spot. There are two big big hubbas for either regular or goofy.
It is located in the center as well where the University campus is at Moncloa area


Top 3 Skateparks


This is the red park located inside a bike track 15 km away from downtown. Recently it has been remodeled and is now white.
Tight tight trannies, a 90´s style fun box, quarter pipe extensions with death gaps and a big round bowl with a capsule make up the park.
The locals are the best guys you can find and will treat you right.



Street orientated like plaza. Long curbs, banks, brick quarter pipe and a bunch of rails. This is located right in the heart of Madrid city.


Escombro (DIY)

This Diy spot is located very close to downtown and is constantly growing (it has grown even more since this clip).
Curbs, little banks, low to high quarter pipe and lots of fun little things to play with.
Great group of friendly locals.

Three tourist sites

When Skateboarding in Madrid, go visit Welcome skate shop, they are located at:
CALLE ALBURQUEQUE # 12 in downtown Madrid
The guys at the shop are all skaters and they will treat you right and will help you out with anything you need. They also have an indoor wooden bowl you can skate.

The walk (or skate) from Plaza Colon to Atocha train station.

Located in downtown Madrid, this walk is basically downhill so it can be skated. There are several very “touristy” things to see in the walk like the Cibeles and Neptuno Water Fountains. There are also three very well known museums; the Prado, the Reina Sofia and the Thyssen.

Retiro Park

Also located downtown, this is a large park with a lake and some great walking grounds. Definitely a fun place to chill!


Three non skate activities.

If you are into football you have both the Bernabeu (Real Madrid) and the Calderon (Atletico de Madrid) Stadiums in downtown Madrid
You can try and catch a football game if that’s your thing.

Party Time

Madrid is very well known for its nightlife and the place to go is the area known as Malasañan which is filled with little bars and clubs.



While Skateboarding in Madrid, make sure to try out some Tapas. Basically, you just go into any little bar that serves food and get yourself a beer. With that, a little something to munch on. From that bar, you hop over to a different one and start all over. This way, you eat and drink visiting various spots.


Three Spanish foods to try…

The Cocido is a traditional chickpea based stew from Madrid, Spain. A substantial dish prepared with meat and vegetables, it is most popular during the winter but is served throughout the year in some restaurants.


Bocata de Calamares

A classic from Madrid. Even though there is no coast here, the Squid Bocadillos are incredible.


Cañas & Café con Leche

Madrid is the best city in Spain to have a perfectly well poured Caña (beer in a glass) and it also serves the best “Cafes con leche” in Spain.


Three great things about living in Spain.

First of all, the weather…

Up north, rain is common but the further down south you go the better. The weather is for skating all year round.

The Food

For the most part, food in Spain is good. Rich Mediterranean diet, good olive oil, great fruit and just all around good tasting food anywhere you go.

Night Life

If you like to party, Spain is the country to visit.
People here go out late, (like 12:00am more or less) and stay out basically all night if they want. Plenty of places open and lots of different things to do all night long.



And to round this off check out this little clip of Skate Pharm team rider Ross McGouran destroying the aforementioned Welcome bowl

Thanks to Danny for taking the time to do this for us, who knows where we’ll be going for part 3!