Skatepharm Fry Day at House of Vans Friday 20th July

House of Vans were kind enough to ask us to host Skatepharm Fry Day on one of the hottest evenings of the year!  Despite this, we managed to round up a decent local crew to make the trip.

Dan Cates was on shouting duties and took care of dishing out the cash to a fine selection of eager kids. None of whom seemed to have any concept of dehydration or heat stroke!  Loot was handed out on the mini ramp and bowl. Finally, a pretty hectic street session took place until the last of the twenties were pried out of Dan’s hands.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Then, the stampede was on for free chicken and chips. God help anyone that got in the way of the hungry skate rats on a mission.

Once everyone had stuffed their faces and drank their fill of beer, we headed into the cinema room and checked the edit that had been filmed over the previous few weeks.  Starring Chris Oliver and Sam Murgatroyd with appearances from Dan Cates, Kane McArthur, Beefy and Alex Price…….

Thanks again to House of Vans for having us and specifically to Jake and Horsey for making it happen.

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