Street Plant

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Street Plant

Street Plant is the latest venture from Mike Vallely launched in 2015. Mike V is commonly acknowledged as one of the founding fathers of modern street skating. His section in the 1988 Powell Peralta classic video “Public Domain” influenced a whole generation of skaters and help define what skateboarding would become.

Mike went on from Powell to World Industries who were home to all the greatest street skaters of the time. Once again, their video ‘Rubbish Heap’ defined a whole era of skating and put Mike V firmly into the future ‘Legend’ ranks.

Since then, he’s skated, played professional ice hockey, been a wrestler and is currently the lead singer of Black Flag.

“Street Plant is a 100% independently owned and operated family business.
We exist to support, service, inspire and empower our customers – Skateboarders – The freest, most unique and creative people on the planet – By making the highest quality skateboards and skateboard accessories.”

The Vallely Family