The Surgery

So What is The Surgery?

The Surgery is an ongoing project incorporating a skateable space that will also be used for video premieres, art shows and anything else that comes along. All the obstacles are transient and will be replaced as new ones emerge, designed by the team riders and visitors alike. To be honest we’re making the whole thing up as we go along, let’s just see what happens…..Thanks to Vans for their ongoing support which has enabled us to do this.

Dave Snaddon 10 Tricks

Dave Snaddon stopped by the shop on D.C. duties and went into the Surgery for 10 tricks before heading back to Bristol.

Battle of the Surgery – Round 2

Last friday Skate Pharm held ‘Battle of the Surgery’ Round 2 which is a winner takes all game of skate.

Everyone chucks £2 in to enter and the winner takes the pot, this time round it was £64. As usual, it was good vibes all round and plenty of heckling as about 50 rowdy youths turned up to either skate or lurk. It was good to see a few guys back on their boards after a brief chav vacation – Ben Greenstreet and Alex Price. Plenty of the Thanet old guard were in attendance but the young guns really stole the show with powerful performances from Ben Greenstreet, Curtis Levy and Lewis Gerry.

In the end Lewis took the win with the standard combination of technical tricks and ridiculous consistency.
The date for round 3 is 6pm 13th November – Be there with your £2 at the ready!

Thanks to James Brown for running things, Kane will also be back on board for the next one.

Charlie Munro – Quick 5

Here’s a quick 5 tricks with Charlie Munro.

Along with Skate Pharm, Charlie Munro skates for:
Check out Charlie’s team rider page here:

James Bush

Here’s a quick Six tricks at 6 with James Bush. James was down for a romantic few days with his girlfriend, whilst he was down he stopped by the surgery and although he had a bad ankle he wanted to skate so James skated just switch so he didn’t have to pop using it.

Along with Skate Pharm, James Bush Skates for:
Check out James’ team rider page here:

John Howlett

If you didn’t know it, John Howlett rules!  When we were putting the shop team together his was one of the first names thrown into the mix, he’s been ripping pretty under the radar for as long as we can remember. AVE comparisons are commonplace, John is a powerhouse.  Someone hook this guy up a board deal, what the hell is wrong with people!
John also loves a feeble grind so while he was in town filming for our Mountain Dew Store wars edit due out next week we locked him in the Surgery.  The result was this kicker to high flat bar contraption and five feeble grind variations.

James Bush

James Bush was in town to film some bits for Dew Store Wars and the forthcoming Skate Pharm video while he was down he banged out a few tricks in the Surgery for warm ups! James has killer flatground game and is one of the techest guys around, he’s been training it up for years skating Milton Keynes bus station. If you haven’t already seen it be sure to check out his section in the recent Fabric Skateboards promo DVD. James rides for Skate Pharm as well as DC Shoes and Fabric Skateboards, he’s also pretty good at dancing.

Check Out James’ Team Rider Profile Page Here.

Kris Vile

Here’s a quick ten tricks with Kris Vile on a block we made from a few pallets at a cost of under twenty quid!

Check Out Kris’s Team Rider Profile Page Here.

The Surgery – Kris Vile 10 Tricks a Skateboarding video by SkatePharmacy

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