Toy Machine

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Through superior deck construction, world-renowned T-Shirts, and state of the art skate wheel style, Toy Machine Skateboard Company has devoted the last twenty one years to the indoctrination young skaters into ardent fans who keep loyal to a standard they have become obsessed with.

The best part of Toy Machine is that the advertising and graphics come from the mind of Ed Templeton, Toy Machine’s creator and mastermind. the mix of Toy Machine’s mind-altering graphics and also the worlds best skate team together with Leo Romero, Johnny Layton, Daniel Lutheran, Collin provost, and Billy Marks has created Toy Machine, the world’s most asked for skateboard company.

Toy Machine Team

Leo Romero, Daniel Lutheran, Collin Provost, Josh Harmony, Ed Templeton, Matt Bennett, Billy Marks, Jeremy Leabres & Blake Carpenter.