Cliche Skateboards

Cliche Skateboards

Cliche Skateboards

The company was established in 1997 by French skateboarder Jeremie Daclin and found a niche sponsoring non-US professional skateboarders, especially from Europe. Already a well known local skater in Lyon, Daclin decided to produce equipment to suit the styles of his friends and fellow Lyonnais.

To date, the company has signed a number of professional and amateur skaters to its team.

In keeping with its European heritage, the Cliche Skateboards team is made up of mostly non-US skateboarders:

Cliche Skateboards Team Members:

Jeremie Daclin, JB Gillet, Joey Brezinski, Andrew Brophy, Charles Collet, Pete Eldridge, Daniel Espinoza, Javier Mendizabal, Flo Mirtain, Lucas Puig, Lem Villemin & Sammy Winter.

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