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real skateboards

Real Skateboards

Real Skateboards was formed by Tommy Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud after leaving Powell in 1991. They felt they weren’t getting what they wanted from Powell at that time who were busy focussing on their new talent. Guerrero later stated that they did it because they wanted to stay immersed in skateboarding for as long as possible and weren’t ready to grow up. Real has always championed raw street skating over image and fashion, much like it’s founders.

Over 20 years on, Real Skateboards are recognised as one of the worlds great companies with many of today’s big names riding for the brand at one time or another.

The current team is as impressive as ever featuring: Ishod Wair, Jake Donnelly, Max Schaaf, Jake Donnelly, Dennis Busenitz, Kyle Walker, Peter Ramondetta, James Hardy, Chima Fergusson, Davis Torgerson, Justin Brock, Ernie Torres, Keith Hufnagel and JT Aultz.

They also contribute a lot to charity through their ‘Actions Realized’ program which you can read about here: