Pig Wheels

Pig Wheels - Skate Pharm Skate Shop Kent

Started in 1989 as Foundation Super Co. and joining forces to form Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboards, Pig Wheels and Bearings additionally as Dekline Footwear, Ruckus Trucks, Bro Style. And recently adding additional brands, Habitat and Alien Workshop to the company.

Tum Yeto, Inc. was born in 1994 as the the distribution home of the collective: “We’re skateboarders, here to push the creativeness and freedom of the skating culture that we’re born from.

Twenty six years later we always push the bounds in creativity, quality and fun times.”

Pig Wheels Team

Blake Carpenter, Corey Duffel, Billy Marks, Josh Harmony, Nestor Judkins, Matt Bennett, Daniel Lutheran, Leo Romero, Ryan Spencer, Clint Walker, Jeremy Leabres, Cole Wilson, Zack Wallin, Forest Edwards, Braxton Powers, Reese Salken, Louie Barletta, Ed Templeton, Nick Merlino, Dylan Witkin, Joey Ragali, Pat Burke & Anthony Schultz.