Krooked Skateboards

Krooked Skateboards’ Mark ‘Gonz’ Gonzales is, alongside Natas Kaupas, the founding forefather of modern street skating. His pro career started with Vision but like many pro skaters at that time, found the big 80’s companies slow to see the potential of street skating.

He soon found a new home setting up Blind under the World Industries banner and was responsible for the most iconic skate video of it’s time ‘Video Days’ featuring Jason Lee and a very young Guy Mariano. However, Blind was still part of a corporate structure and Gonz eventually went his own way and set up ATM Click for a while. This was followed by a spell on Real Skateboards under the Deluxe Distribution umbrella before launching Krooked Skateboards with them in 2002.

Krooked Skateboards Guest Boards

Gonz is a well respected artist in his own right and Krooked skateboards are nearly all drawn by him except for the odd guest artist and collab. Over the years, Krooked have put out guest boards for almost every pro you could imagine including Eric Koston, Ron Chatman, Jason Jessee, Christian Hosoi, Tony Hawk, Chris Miller and Sean Malto.