Primitive Skateboards

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Primitive Skateboards

Primitive Skateboards is owned by Paul Rodriguez aka P-Rod along with some long time friends and was launched in April 2014 after his departure from Plan B the year before. It was a natural progression from his Primitive store and Primitive apparel, he initially released limited numbers of the gold foil deck but as they sold out in a matter of minutes he saw there was a future for the brand as a skateboard producer.

Primitive Skateboards Team

The teams consists of P-Rod, Nick Tucker and ex-Flip Skateboards pro Bastien Salabanzi. The Am spots are filled by Brian Peacock and Carlos Ribiero. Our own team rider Charlie Munro has also recently been added to the team.

Primitive Skateboards produce decks, griptape, t-shirts, sweatshirts, beanies, caps and accessories.