5boro Skateboards

5boro Skateboards Available From Skate Pharm Skate Shop Kent


5boro Skateboards is a leading manufacturer of skateboards and accessories based in New York City. Adopting its name from the five boroughs of New York, The company was established in 1996 by long-time NYC skateboarder, Steve Rodriguez. Today Steve operates the brand with friend and fellow NYC skateboarder, Mark Nardelli.

5Boro is NYC style at its finest! Since 1996 the team has rocked the streets of New York like no other with simple and stylish skateboarding. Their videos are mostly black and white hand held and absolute eye-catchers.

Brilliant deck designs testify to their creativity, especially the 5Boro VHS Pro Series which pays homage to the almost forgotten VHS tapes of the 90s. Remember them?

Now go grab a 5Boro deck and feel the fresh air of NYC!


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