Come out to Play Exhibition – Resort Studios Margate

On Saturday night, Resort Studios hosted the Come out to Play Exhibition of re-imagined, re-cycled skateboard decks. The decks were handed out at short notice to local artists upon request, which in fact demand outstripped supply.

The Come out to Play Exhibition

All the works were completely amazing and individual. Emrys Plant had routed in the appropriate words “I’ll kiss your bruised and bloody knees” There was a ravey day-goo Fab inspired graphic from the Margate Arts Club, ‘Creep Club’ from our mate Jade aka Sprankenstein and a Skate Pharm special by our resident scribbler Jon Horner.

Skate Art

We’ve seen a lot of skate art over the years but never anything like the piece by Kate Harrison which got an overwhelming response due to it’s unusual approach – using a snapped board creating a miniature mountaineering scene. Seriously inspired stuff.

We already have plans for another event on a different theme for next spring. Thanks to Emrys Plant, Resort Studios and all the contributing artists for making this happen.


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