Descent Skateboards

Descent Skateboards

“Descent Skateboards is meant to represent a little more than pure emulation. It’s meant to inspire and empower you to be yourself; it’s more of a spirit than an aesthetic. I want to inspire individuality rather than herd mentality. Being true to yourself is so important. If you follow and emulate, you’re destined to be one step behind, always chasing an ideal and never truly yourself. If you have the courage to be yourself then you can thrive on your own strengths and passions. One day, you might be inspiring others for that reason. Even if you don’t end up in that position, you won’t have sold yourself out.”

Chris Pulman

Descent Skateboards Team

Christopher Mann, John Wildsmith, Myles Rushforth, Jacob Johnson, Will Creswick, Joe Roberts, Joe Paget & Chris Pulman – Team manager.

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