Element Drop Spot Rail – Skate Pharm Product Test

Element Drop Spot Rail

Next up for our product reviews is the Element Drop Spot Rail. Shop worker and local rider Kane McArthur with guest reviewer Skate Pharm rider John Howlett puts it to the test in The Surgery.

Me and my G John

Had the element rail going on!

So we got the session poppin’
The grinds were all lockin’
Element flat bar that’s what we were rockin’
Bitches started flockin’
Coz they like the way we ride
They like the way I slide
So I hit ’em with a nollie biggie back lip
John does a nollie inward, I do a backside flip
It was a mad ting and Howlett packed the bangers and I had a bit of mash
So save a little cash
Cop one of those rails and I’m sure your get the gash
Learn some tech sh*t, have the rail going up or the rail going down
Like John did, screw it to a on a ledge or have it on a ground
You could even have the session popping off in your town!