Ace F1 Trucks 55 Raw


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Ace F1 Trucks 55 Raw

These Ace F1 Trucks 55 Raw are the latest truck from Ace with a whole new bunch of refinements. Ace Trucks is owned by ex-Independent team manager Joey Tershay.

Size guide for Ace F1 Trucks

Ace F1 22 (7.75″ Axle) – 7.75 – 8.0 inch decks

Ace F1 33 (8.0″ Axle) – Suitable for 7.75 – 8.25 inch decks

Ace F1 44 (8.25″ Axle) – Suitable for 8.25 – 8.375 inch decks

Ace F1 55 (8.5″ Axle) – Suitable for 8.5 – 9.0 inch decks

Ace F1 Trucks 55 Raw Features:

Mid truck: 52mm axle height
All new proprietary process strength at a molecular level
Stronger refined baseplate
T6 heat treated higher grade aluminium
SCM440 alloy steel axles
Rethreading axle nuts (one per truck)
Refined bushing and washer shapes
Hand poured 96a urethane pivot cups
Faced hangers so the bushings fit flush


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