Heroin Skateboards – Magic Sticky Hand 2 Review

Heroin Skateboards – Magic Sticky Hand 2 Review

It’s been ten years since Heroin Skateboards released the critically acclaimed video, ‘Magic Sticky Hand’ and Fos has decided to bless us with a short but rad sequel, Magic Sticky Hand 2.

The esteemed original managed to set in motion an entirely new generation of punks and creatives, which is apparent in ‘Magic Sticky Hand 2’. It would also appear that Heroin Skateboards is now doing their best to push their amateurs, which is amazing considering how rare it is to find this in company videos – Especially ones as established as this.

The Gear

Right off the bat, MSH2 proves to have a banging soundtrack and shot primarily on a VX1000, which keeps well with Heroin Skateboard’s classic approach. Already, this places MSH2 neatly on the shelves next to its collection of other respectable videos. This video also offers an interesting mix of HD, Hi-8 as well as VHS footage throughout which emphasises Heroin Skateboard’s casual “fu*k-it” attitude towards filming. After all, it’s the skateboarding that truly matters, right?

The Action

Speaking of which… Damn! Enough of the camera talk. Let’s discuss the action. The actual skateboarding in this video can only be described with one, totally overused, yet completely relevant word: Fun! This type of portrayal of skateboarding is a popular approach for many filmmakers within skateboarding, however Heroin Skateboards stands in a rightful position to use this approach, as it is something they have commonly practiced and have always used. The brief length of the video allows you to get hyped, head out to the streets, skate with your mates and just have fun.

Magic Sticky Hand 2 – The Verdict

MSH2 will inspire you to make new spots with wooden pallets, fuck around on a curb for hours or even just cause some mayhem. MSH2 isn’t particularly ground breaking, but it is more attainable, which is what makes it stand out. It’s nostalgic enough to get the older generation excited, while still being relevant enough for the current generation to remember.

In conclusion, Well done, guys! You’ve made a video we’re proud to stock on our own shelves and use to educate our locals on what skateboarding truly is all about.

Written by: Rohum Pourtahmasbi

Edited by: Julia Sattler

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