James Bush Best of 2015

James Bush Best of 2015

James danced his way through 2015 with the Get Lesta crew clocking up footage and ankle rolls along the way. Find out what got the disco king hyped last year in the James Bush Best of 2015!

Video: Skate Cafe Alfresco
Section: Korahn
Skater: Korahn again
Event: DC special delivery tour and gallery at Mile End
Best Spot skated: School in Cyprus!
Best Skate trip: BCN homie trip!
Best Tune: anything by Squirtmaster Funk
Best Film: Southpaw
Best TV: Prison Break (I know that’s old but I’ve only just watched it!)
Night out: Any night in Lesta
Memory: Erics dope slams

Check out the full Skateboard Cafe ‘Alfresco’ here:

ALFRESCO from Skateboard Cafe on Vimeo.

And a bonus Korahn section that came out recently too:

KORAHNZO PART from Skateboard Cafe on Vimeo.