Pro Spotlight – Omar Salazar

Pro Spotlight – Omar Salazar by Rohum Pourtahmsabi

Carrying on with our Doomsayers theme, we thought it’d be appropriate to take a moment to reflect on the man behind the company itself, Omar Salazar. Omar has always been a favourite of ours and it’s not just because of his skateboarding. Whether he’s climbing a building to get to a spot, or pushing so fast he leaves the camera man behind, his attitude portrayed through the mentality he goes through when skateboarding separates his style from anybody else.


Unfortunately, Omar has gone through a lot of injuries, some which could have prevented him from skateboarding ever again. However, he has still managed to pull through and keep on top of coverage during his career by releasing ground breaking video parts, magazine covers and riding for some of the biggest companies in the world including Alien Workshop, Nike, Levi’s and Toyota! We know that last one is strange, but how could you deny a car sponsorship? Anyway, we’ve listed some of Omar’s best moment’s below for you to enjoy, so grab a beer and rediscover the mental case that is Omar Salazar!

Not only is this probably everybody’s favourite section from Omar, but the fact that he used ‘Dinosaur Jr. for his first song makes it that much better! Click the link below to watch the madness unfold.

For our second instalment of coverage from the Alien himself, we have chosen Omar’s ‘Double Rock’ he did for ‘Thrasher Magazine’ back in 2011. We’re still trying to figure out how he managed the stupid amount of speed he gathered between each obstacle, makes no sense considering how little space he has.

A slightly different angle on his skateboarding but this last video show’s Omar at his finest, shredding the streets of San Francisco for Levi’s and Nike’s collaboration range that came out in 2012. That Melon!

You can check out the Doomsayers x Indy range by following the link below.