Top 10 Video Parts Of 2015 – Skate Pharm

Skate Pharm – Top 10 Video Parts Of 2015

Rohum Pourtahmasbi takes a look at the Top 10 Video Parts of 2015

1. Greyson Fletcher – Element’s ‘In Perdition’

So this one was a complete surprise right? Probably the most insane video part to have come out since David Gonzales’ ‘Possessed To Skate’, Greyson Fletcher took Thrasher’s website by storm and plunged his way in to our skulls with some of the gnarliest skateboarding to have surfaced in 2015. Taking no chances, he truly did go all out and showed us what it truly means to be able to ride a bowl with haste – He even needed a fellow skateboarder to be able to film some of the ridiculously long lines he laughed in our face with! Bringing the term ‘raw’ back in to skateboarding, this part will melt your face and remain in the
history books for quite some time. Check it!

2. Anthony Van Engelen – Vans’ ‘Propeller’

He was 2015’s SOTY – Do I really need to say more? We all knew it was coming, AVE is ‘F*cking Awesome’, see what I did there? Seriously though, his part was no joke and possessed a lot more than just ‘good skateboarding’ – This video part had a lot more to it. Not only was this the 3rd consecutive major video part esteemed filmmaker Greg Hunt produced, he also used a familiar artist to pay tribute to their first collaboration – Ozzy Osbourne. His music truly speaks to AVE’s skateboarding and translates into something more powerful than that of most video parts we see on the internet, this deserves nothing less than the last section of the most highly anticipated video of the decade. His raw style and power on board is more than enough to get you hyped to leave the house and shred – It was for these reasons the entire skateboarding community responded so positively to his winning SOTY and will remain one of skateboarding’s most influential and aspiring legends to have graced the culture we hold so dear.

3. Lance Mountain – Nike SB’s ‘Chronicles 3’

What skateboarders do you know that can produce a full video part for one of the largest companies in the world, let alone skateboarding, in their 50’s? Other than the obvious Tony Hawk, we truly can’t think of anybody else and even then you don’t see him shredding street! Come on, a kick flip over a picnic table?! In your 50’s?! That alone is ridiculous. It’s not even because of his age either, he truly does continue to enthuse the idea of fun in skateboarding and helps to encourage anybody else to continue riding a skateboard. If he can do it, why can’t you? An instant classic yet timeless, check it out now!

4. Tom Knox – Isle Skateboards’ ‘Vase’

Tom Knox is a firm favourite over here at Skate Pharm. His consistency, style and quick feet are mesmerising and offers a unique attraction to those of us who are into the quirky side of skateboarding. Thankfully Tom was finally given a pro board since the release of Isle Skateboards first full length feature ‘Vase’ – It came to no surprise because of just how good he is and we couldn’t be happier for him. You only need to watch him skate in person for 10 minutes to realise what he’s capable of, so when you watch this part you’ll have your socks knocked right off.

5. Koran Gayle – Skateboard Cafe’s’ ‘Korahnzo’

Koranzho! What a legend. Not only is he a top don off screen, he smashes it at skateboarding! Well and truly one of the best in the country, a right laugh to hang out with and a thoroughly nice bloke, what more could you ask for? This was actually the second video part he released for Skateboard Cafe this year and all, just plunging constant hype through the computer screen. Hippie acrobats, ballet ledge tricks and sweatpants – The gym has done wonders for Korahn who also managed to fit in getting married last year too. Anyway, you get the idea – We really like this video part and love Korahn, so watch it for your own sake!

6. Miles Silvas – LRG’s ‘1947’

Trap music and a shit load of it. This guy has come a long way in a very short space of time – With two Thrasher covers, an introduction to Adidas Skateboarding and this stupidly good video part from LRG’s ‘1947’, Miles is a new breed of skateboarder that does things his way and captures the attention from this current generation and is leaving a very firm mark. His style and technical ability is a true testament to Kyle Camarillo’s choice in giving him the last part in ‘1947’, they don’t get handed out willy nilly – This boy’s good and he has a long way to go yet. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for Adidas’ ‘Away Days’ coming out later this year, until then join us in watching this part over and over until the trap music sends you into a trance.

7. Shane O’Neill – Skate Mental’s ‘Shane Goes’

Remember when this guy broke the Internet? Literally, prevented anyone from even getting on to the Thrasher website? Yeah, us too – That’s exactly why we couldn’t leave him out of this list. What’s more, This wasn’t the only video part he put out during 2015 – A few months later he released another part as his introduction to Primitive Skateboards, he even made an appearance in ‘We Are Blood’. Talk about coverage! You know what
else is messed up? He genuinely shot it all within a year, so really if Thrasher were to actually judge a skateboarder by how much he had accomplished within a year – Here’s your SOTY. We don’t need to tell you how technically incredible up his skateboarding is, if you don’t know that then you’ve been living under a rock. Ironically, you’ll want to once you’ve seen this section – Check it out now and take out a mortgage.

8. Tiago Lemos – DC Shoes’ ‘De La Calle/Da Rua’

Tiago Lemos is undeniably the most underrated skateboarder in existence right now. If you haven’t witnessed his onslaught in Brainfarm’s ‘We Are Blood’ yet then make sure you watch this part he released for DC Shoes as part of their latest release ‘De La Calle/Da Rua’. This guy has moves and he does them looking like an absolute gangsta too! Keeping the baggy pants, tee’s and chunky shoes going he doesn’t find trouble in reminding people of just how important style is – He even makes switch mongo look tight and that’s pretty hard. He has competitive pop, a ridiculous technical ability and can apply it to almost anything that comes his way. With this and educate yourself with Brazil’s very own Tiago Lemos.

9. Harry Lintell – Volcom’s ‘True To This’

This part came out quite early on in the year but since then Harry has consistently proven just how rad he is at skateboarding. We’ve said it before, we would love to have had Harry on the team – Kents best ever skateboarder! – Not that it matters, we know that wherever Harry goes he will blow everybody’s minds away. He has so much power and style in his skateboarding and does it in a way everybody aspires to which is exactly why the response to this video part was completely expected, yet still came to a shock to us when we realised just how insane the video part actually was. We can’t really say much more than that, Harry’s rad and we know this video part is only the beginning – Get ready.

10. Mike Arnold – Skateboard Cafe’s ‘Alfresco’

He sort of came out of nowhere if you believe the Ride Channel but Mikes been killing it on the DL for years but it seems like his skating really got the attention it deserved in 2015. Mike Arnold can skate and makes it look good too. Mike has definitely left his mark with his unique style that works hand in hand with the tricks he lays down. For example, do any of you recall the recent Instagram video of his Slappy Nose Slide Frontside 360 out at Place De La Republique in Paris? We do. Purely because since that video, our entire Instagram feed is full of skateboarders trying the same mind blowing trick that threw him into the wired American limelight. One trick! The problem is, this section has that and a whole load more which is precisely why you need to watch it, Mike’s no one trick pony – He shreds and deserves much more than a viral 15 second video on Instagram. Give it a year or two and this guy will surely have his name on a board, we hope!